Jay's website projects

Synergy Entertainment - Distributor of film and music titles.

Windhover Center for the Performing Arts

Jacquie recommends

New York Institute of Photography - for the tips, topics and contests.

Institute of Management Accountants - Includes information about the CMA/CFM program.

Jay recommends

Mozilla Firefox - Undoubtedly, the best web browser out there. The smart alternative to Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Ubuntu Linux - The free alternative to Microsoft Windows gets better all the time.

Pandora Internet Radio - Where I currently do most of my music studies.

Focus on West Coast musician Dana Valatka

AU - Official website - Myspace - Blog!

AU Video - vimeo - YouTube

KEXP interview with Au (16 July 2008)

JOMF - The spacy rock band whose name you can't pronounce on the air!

The Electric Eye - Dana played the skins for this Portland, Oregon band (now defunct).

Humansbeing - One of Boston's most notorious live bands (now on hiatus).

Tribute of the Year - HumansBeing appear on a Faith No More tribute compilation. It's still on sale at Amazon!

Bobbie Bush Photography
Lauren Poussard Photography
Tony Vacca's World Rhythms

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