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Jay Valatka's Résumé


technical background

Operating Systems Ubuntu Linux, Microsoft Windows
Programming Languages C/C++/C#, HTML5, CSS3, SQL, JavaScript
Software LibreOffice, Gimp Image Editor, Visual Studio, MySQL database


Feb 2000 to present VALATKA.COM, Salem, Massachusetts
Consultant / Web Designer/Developer
  • Performed custom hardware and software configurations and troubleshooting of Windows-based PCs and LANs for clients.
  • Designed and maintained new and original websites, including those for Windhover Center for the Performing Arts ( and Synergy Entertainment (
Mar 2013 to present HMS HOLDINGS, Danvers, Massachusetts
Network Operations - Team Lead
  • Provided customer support for online portal site.
  • Monitored health of AWS-based infrastructure.
  • Escalated issues and problems to systems and data analysts.
  • Documented escalation procedures.
  • Wrote C# code for data processing and reporting utilities.
Oct 2002 to Feb 2003 NET ATLANTIC, INC., Salem, Massachusetts
Web Specialist / Junior System Administrator
  • Designed and maintained websites for various organizations and individuals, usually through Macromedia Dreamweaver and Microsoft FrontPage.
  • Provided technical support for mailing lists, web sites, domain registrations and POP e-mail accounts.
  • Configured and maintained workstations for optimum performance, including installation of system software, standard office applications, security patches and anti-virus software.
Oct 2002 to Feb 2003 VISIBLE SYSTEMS CORPORATION, Lexington, Massachusetts
QA / Software Developer
  • Provided export feature for Visible Developer, written in Visual Basic 6.0, enabling two-way exchange of object-modeling data between Visible Analyst and Developer.
  • Tested new fixes and features for Analyst and Developer, some involving generated SQL and Visual Basic code tailored for specific database systems such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, and IBM DB2.
  • Assembled initial libraries of regression test strategies for Analyst and Developer.
  • Designed and created 75% of pages on new website with Dreamweaver, incorporating information and suggestions from throughout the organization.
  • Designed and maintained an internal bug-tracking system using Razor, Visible's Interix-based configuration management program.
  • Designed in Visual Basic a prototype graphical user interface displaying an expanded project tree view and intended for selection of writable and read-only business objects in Developer.
Dec 1997 to Feb 2000 COGNEX CORPORATION, Natick, Massachusetts
Technical Support Engineer
  • Resolved technical issues from customers by telephone and e-mail.  Ranked #2 in number of cases closed.  Many issues included:
    • Demo applications highlighting a specific vision tool, graphical user interface designs with Visual C++ and Visual Basic, and data exchange methods with third-party programs and hardware
    • PC hardware resource conflicts
    • Reproduction and verification of software bugs.
  • Composed technical notes and documented reliable solutions for customers and/or internal groups.
  • Configured PC- and VME-based machine vision hardware and software.
Jan 1995 to Dec 1997 MAPTECH, Andover, Massachusetts
Scanning Technician (1995-1997) / Support Engineer (1997)
  • Resolved technical issues with customers by telephone.  Examples include:
    • Installation of software and PC requirements
    • Interfacing with GPS equipment, using HyperTerminal to check connection
    • Clarification of navigation software's user interface.
  • Reconfigured office PCs with new peripherals and software updates.
  • Scanned navigational charts on Tangent equipment networked with UNIX-based PC.
  • Formatted images for use with Maptech software, using Adobe Photoshop and in-house file conversion utilities.


Sep 1987 to Sep 1989 NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY, Boston, Massachusetts
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Mathematics
Enrolled in Honors Program.
Sep 1994 to Jan 1999 DANIEL WEBSTER COLLEGE, Nashua, New Hampshire
B.Sc. Computer Science Degree
Coded in C++ a Checkers/Othello game for the Senior Software Project, employing techniques of artificial intelligence, graphics algorithms, requirements analysis, and implementation.


Amazon Web Services Certified Developer - Associate

CompTIA A+

CompTIA Network+

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