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The Recordings of Jay Valatka

For what it's worth, here are a few bits of audio from my radio daze that I digitized into mp3 files and then… eventually… uploaded… for the whole world to laugh at.

Radio Spot Demo Tape - ca. 1990. This one includes a promo for WJUL's heavy metal program "Metallic Mayhem"; a couple of spots which actually aired on a commercial AM station; and a public service announcement regarding pistachios for WJUL. It's nuts.

Billerica Recycling - ca. 1990. This is a public service announcement for WJUL. I recorded half of it using my voice, and spliced in an actual live reading of the PSA by a good friend of mine, who pretended to be a woman residing in Saugus, Massachusetts. Even if I could recall what brought that on, I'm sure it wouldn't make any more sense to anyone.

No One's Listening - ca. 1990. I volunteered to do a promo for WJUL's DJ Chris B. and his late-night program. I think the true motivation was to try and go nuts with the sound effects. Of course, this was just before digital editing was possible for a college radio station like WJUL.

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