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About Jay Valatka.

CompTIA A+ Certified! CompTIA Network+ Certified!

Joseph "Jay" Valatka is a PC technician and web developer who continues to work with many individuals and organizations to help them gain a direct presence on the web and/or get better results with their computers and networks.

Jay refers to himself as a "tenacious problem solver." For every problem carefully defined after initial visits with a client, he seeks and selects the proper tools and knowledge that will provide the best all-around solution. The solution could be a small network, new PC hardware, or software applications. Jay also has decades of experience helping others become more knowledgeable about their PCs and how to more effectively use them.

Jay has grown up with Microsoft-based systems, starting with those heady days of MS-DOS and continuing onward with the latest Windows operating system. He also uses open-source solutions frequently, including the suite and Linux. In fact, most of his work is done on Ubuntu Linux these days.

Jay also loves exploring all kinds of music, especially via Pandora, Grooveshark, and various music blogs. He also writes screenplays for local film productions.

Jay graduated from Daniel Webster College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. Jay, his wife Jacquie, and their two children currently reside in Salem, Massachusetts.

You can write Jay at j·v·a·l·a·t·k·a·@·y·a·h·o·o·.·c·o·m.

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