Welcome to our official website.

Hi. We're Jay and Jacquie.

Jay is the web designer and PC system guy. Jacquie is the financial analyst and consultant.

This site is about who we are, what we do, and what's new (if anything) in our lives. Feel free to explore!

So… what's new?

18 May 2010. Jacquie has been named President of the Massachusetts North Shore Chapter Of IMA for Fiscal Year 2010-2011!

29 Mar 2010. We're celebrating 10 years of quiet residence on the world wide web!! A whole decade?! WOW!!

29 Mar 2009. We're celebrating 9 years of quiet residence on the world wide web!

9 Oct 2008. I took some time to update the Links page, especially the Dana Valatka section. Y'know, he's on tour with Luke Wyland's Au, globehopping and all, so there are new Au links, including one to an interview with KEXP in Seattle, complete with photos!

9 Sep 2008. For a while, those who had our old site page bookmarked still got our old site, and therefore did not know there was a new site! I apologize. I figured something was amiss when I still got the question, "When will your new site be up?", even months after the debut.

13 May 2008. It took a while with many other projects and responsibilities that had to come first, but now it's done. This site has been redesigned to adhere to newer standards. A lot of clutter was removed, although if you look carefully, you may find some old material from the old brown "gravestone" version of the site. Sometimes it's difficult to part with old friends!

There's also a new section called "Freecycle". We figured it would be nice to have a place to list some items for people to look over and to see whether someone would want any of these things: compact discs, vinyl LPs and 45s, toys, and so on. Take a look!

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